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Grumpy or Grateful

When Clara goes to her Grandparent’s farm, she and her cousin Kiara make the choice to notice the things that make them feel happy and grateful.
Grumpy or Grateful is the first in our series of books which explore some of the virtues, values, and experiences that help us grow as humans. Each book is a journey of discovery, watching the characters discover, understand, and choose the virtues and values that will help them live with greater purpose and joy. We hope these stories, and the activities available to support each story, will assist parents and guardians as you strive to build your families and raise strong humans.

Over-Tested and Under-Prepared: Using Competency Based Learning to Transform Our Schools

Over-Tested and Under-Prepared provides educators and leaders with a thoughtful synthesis of competency based education today. Moving from traditional teaching and learning to new approaches challenges the way we have structured schools and expected students to do their work. This book introduces compelling reasons to move past the old and into a new way of thinking about deep learning that is inquiry-based and an instructional model that supports student learning.

Brainless Sameness, The Demise of One-Size-Fits-All Instruction and the Rise of Competency Based Learning

This book is a manifesto for change to a system that allows students to fall in love with learning and stay in the growth mindset for life. It offers an inspired vision of what schools could be, with clear action steps for your school and your community.

Essential Math Skills: Over 250 Activities to Develop Deep Understanding.

  • Identifies the core math skills that must be mastered at each grade level in Pre-K through third grade.
  • Provides a rich level of targeted activities that include the use of manipulatives, activities, exploration, inquiry, and play.
  • Allows teachers to systematically monitor students’ progress toward proficiency in every essential skill.

Bob Sornson

Stand in My Shoes

This is a children’s book, with beautiful illustrations, which teaches children how to use empathy. We hope many parents read it along with their children.

Foster Cline offered this review:
“As we turn the pages, entranced by the wonderful art work, we see again, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the lasting effect that actions and communication based on empathy have on both the giver and receiver.”

Bob Sornson

Stand Up and Speak Up!

How do you react when you or your friend is mistreated by a peer? Do you speak up or do you stand by? Learn what Wendy does when two classmates treat her disrespectfully and how she teaches one of them not to be a bystander. It’s Time to Stand Up and Speak Up! For Yourself and Others will demonstrate to readers how to deal with difficult bullying situations in a respectful and safe manner.
Bob Sornson

The Juice Box Bully

The kids at Pete’s new school have learned to stand up for each other.  Watch as they stop  bullying behavior and make everyone feel safe.
Bob Sornson and Maria Dismondy

Fanatically Formative

Helping children experience early learning success and acquire essential skills by third grade is a crucial part of any school reform effort. Yet many teachers and children are overwhelmed by the ineffective, curriculum-driven education system and the “rush to cover” climate in schools.
Bob Sornson

Creating Classrooms

Creating Classrooms Where Teachers Love to Teach and Students Love to Learn
Bob Sornson

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Meeting the Challenge

This collaboration by Jim Fay, Foster W. Cline, M.D., and Bob Sornson, Ph.D., outlines the clearest path to helping strong-willed children become outrageously successful adults.
Jim Fay, Foster W. Cline, M.D., and Bob Sornson, Ph.D.

Motor Moms and Dads Program

The DVD demonstrates each exercise, making it the perfect tool for recruiting and training parent volunteers. The book walks you through the exercises, and the CD-ROM* offers downloadable reproducibles to guide volunteers in working with students.
Nancy Sornson

Preventing Early Learning Failure

Learn how to help more children, save money for your school district, achieve higher test scores, and improve the future of our society.
Bob Sornson

Teaching & Joy

A collection of inspiring stories by people who share a vision of schools, families, and communities where human beings experience joyful learning.
Bob Sornson, Jim Scott

The 30-Minute Motor Skills Development Plan

Many children do not have the motor skills needed for basic, much less optimal, success in school.
Bob Sornson

Math Moms and Dads Ages, Pre-K through Kindergarten

A clear and easy plan to help children build the basic skills which make math understandable and fun!
Bob Sornson

Math Moms and Dads Ages K-3

A clear and easy plan to help children build the basic skills which make math understandable and fun!
Bob Sornson

Essential Skills Inventories, Pre-K to Grade 3

The Essential Skill Inventories provides a competency based learning framework that keeps students on track to become proficient in every essential skill during the crucial early childhood years.

Using the Essential Skill Inventories has been demonstrated to dramatically improve learning outcomes, improve test scores, and reduce the number of students needing special education. Teachers report that they know their students better, build better relationships, differentiate instruction more effectively, and have more fun in their classrooms.

The Early Learning Foundation offers training and support to schools, districts or states wishing to use the Essential Skill Inventories. Contact us to build a partnership that will transform learning outcomes for your school and your students.

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