Best-selling author Bob Sornson, the founder of the Early Learning Foundation, has just released his third children’s book, Stand Up and Speak Up for Yourself and Others.

Beautifully illustrated by Shelley Johannes, this book describes Wendy, a student who might appear to be easy picking for a bully. But when two students set her up, they learn that they have chosen poorly. Wendy is strong in ways they do not understand. Stand Up and Speak Up helps kids think about how to treat each other and learn the skills to stand up and speak up for themselves and others. Sornson’s Four Steps to Taking Action are a simple yet powerful guide for anyone who observes or is the target of bullying behavior.

This is Sornson’s third book for children. His first was The Juice Box Bully, which has been the best selling children’s book on bullying in both 2011 and 2012. In early 2013 he released Stand in My Shoes: Kids Learning about Empathy, which has become Amazon’s best-selling among all books on empathy!

Juice Box describes students who have learned to stand up for each other. Stand in My Shoes describes a young girl who discovers the power of empathy in her own life. And now Stand Up and Speak Up describes a girl who has learned to stand up for herself, and has a group of friends who have also learned to calmly and respectfully establish limits on how they will allow themselves to be treated.

In a culture that includes violent videos, obscene song lyrics, and disrespectful political discourse, there are parents and teachers who work unfailingly to teach children to stand up and speak up for honorable behavior. Sornson’s books are a valuable tool to helps kids learn to respect others, stand up for themselves, speak up for others, and never choose to be a bystander to bullying behavior.

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