This research shows the impact of using the Essential Skill Inventories on teacher perception of success, including knowing their students, responding to the individual needs of students, relationships with students, […]
For decades, American schools have been engaged in a failed experiment, attempting to cram more content into a typical teaching day than humanly possible, asking children to learn overwhelming content […]
Learning matters.  More than at any time in history, children with good learning skills and work habits will have incredible opportunities to succeed.  But children with poor learning skills and […]
Creating a Gargantuan Pool of Low Skill Workers in America   If you wanted to create a system that limits educational options and consigns the vast majority of poor American […]
 There is a secret to classroom management. You won’t find it in most of the books on classroom discipline or the endless lists of classroom management tips. Here is a […]
83% Out of Luck   Is it possible that a rural school serving poor families in the middle of Mississippi is changing the way we look at curriculum and instruction in […]
Please check out my interview in Education News, and share with your colleagues. An Interview with Bob Sornson: Competency Based Learning Michael F. Shaughnessy Bob, aren’t our schools already focused […]
It is predictable. Our commitment to early childhood learning success will continue to produce mediocre results. Despite a greater awareness of the importance of early learning success, we still offer […]
Bob Sornson We live in a time of incredible opportunity, with exponential increases in information, technology, and opportunities to share and connect.  It is a time of possibility, in which […]
We’ve lost focus. For the past few decades we have consistently added to our lists of grade level content expectations, mistakenly giving the message to teachers that covering more is […]