Bob Sornson We live in a time of incredible opportunity, with exponential increases in information, technology, and opportunities to share and connect.  It is a time of possibility, in […]
We’ve lost focus. For the past few decades we have consistently added to our lists of grade level content expectations, mistakenly giving the message to teachers that covering more is […]
Neuroscientists note that neurons that fire together usually wire together.  Neural networks grow based on use.  Myelination occurs as these networks continue to be used.  Neural systems that are used […]
If you wanted to create a system that limits educational options and consigns the vast majority of poor American children to continue to live in poverty, just look around you.  […]
“First do no harm” is usually ascribed to Hippocrates, who devised his physicians’ oath in the late 5th century BC.  Perhaps it’s time that American teachers make a similar pledge.  […]
  “We covered it,” is a familiar expression, “but they just didn’t learn it.”   In most schools we continue to deliver far too much content using a rigid schedule which […]
  For decades American schools have been engaged in a failed experiment, attempting to cram more content than humanly possible into a typical teaching day, and asking children to learn […]
How much would I have to pay you to purposefully harm poor children in America?  An offensive question to most American teachers, I suppose. In 1961, Yale University psychologist Dr. […]
    It begins with understanding the problem, and is quickly followed by the question of commitment. Recently I spent the morning in a Kindergarten classroom in a poor urban […]